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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Four day wrap-up

Where does the time go? That's what makes the name of this blog so appropriate. Each Sunday evening, that's what I'm left wondering.

Thursday was my last day at the corporate gig (yays! all 'round), so some of the work gang and I met up at a midtown watering hole after work. By the time I got home, I'd had one too many to have the required motivation or motor skills to do anything on the house. So I worked on my taxes instead. Judicious choice? Probably not.

I spent my day off Friday finishing and filing taxes, waxing the car, and started painting the trim in the bedroom. I know some of you are fretting. My step-dad is one of those people. "Bare wood should never be painted," he'd say. I disagree. I love the look of crisp white trim against colored walls. It makes me giddy. There is nothing historic nor interesting here to worry about covering up. There will not be someone here in 30++++ years wishing they had a silent paint remover. So, RELAX. Will post some pics in the next day or two of the finished office in all its white-trim-glory.

Most of Saturday was spent on a trek for a desk. Up until now (and, well, even now in fact), my "desk" has been a Scandinavian-style dining table shoved up against the wall of what should be the dining room. Now that the proper office is completed, I get to spend some fun money! Right? Maybe not. First stop was Nebraska Furniture Mart. Hmmm. What can I say? Well, um, it's really big. That's about it.

Made rounds of the city looking at various places with no luck. Not only am I picky on the function and style, the space I have available is right in the middle of "standard" desk lengths. 48" will easily fit, but I don't think it will be big enough. 60" will be too long. Should I have shopped for desks before building walls? Perhaps.

On the way to stop for some yummy Chinese food at Bolings, I remembered I had seen a desk online that would do just fine. I had held off buying it because of the price, but after looking around, it seemed like a bargain. Plus, it's dimensions are perfect for the available space. Ordered that as soon as I returned home. Hopefully it will be here in a couple of days since it only has to travel the width of Missouri.

I also did some painting on Saturday. Managed to get the first coat of paint finished on all trim/woodwork in the bedroom.

Sunday brought more trim painting. It never ends! Finished the door, built-in "cavities", and the windows.....which meant I got to clean, clean, clean the windows and put in the screens! It's amazing what difference it makes to simply clean all the dust and grime away. The cats are thrilled that the dust is clearing away and happily go upstairs to perch on the sills of the open windows.


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