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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

on to the next....

Things upstairs are pretty much wrapped up. There are a few little things that are waiting on purchases, etc., but it's totally liveable.

the closet doors i messed up and made too short (doh!) have been re-built and are being sanded

Next in the batting order: HVAC replacement and redoing the "guest" room that was formerly the bedroom. Why the guest room first on the first floor? Because it should be the quickest hit and will be the "getaway" where I will move the living room while the rest of the first floor will be going through it's super-dusty phase. HVAC because it's terribly outdated and the condenser(?) now leaks water all over the basement floor when the A/C runs. It also helps that I know people who will install for free and sell me the unit at cost. :) So, I need advice from the housebloggers....

First - any advice or experience with Lennox versus Trane for a traditional two-part HVAC system? From what I've read so far, they're both reputable brands and there isn't much difference between them, but I'd love to hear your story if you have one.

Second - I've read postings around houseblogs.net and others that how easy or difficult it is to refinish wood floors depends on the sander. What should I look for there?

Patching the walls/ceiling has started and should be done within the week. yay!

no more termites! (like the mint green vinyl next door?)


  • Wow, what a complete update. What inspired you to share??? I support the use of different colors in different rooms. I also support the hiring of floor refinishers because it's a god awful mess and I'm pretty sure you can get cancer just by looking at some of the chemicals used in the process.

    By Anonymous Al, at 11:40 AM  

  • I will second the use of refinishers. If you remember our house in Boston, we had the whole upsairs done, plus the stairs and some repair work for $1k. It took them like 2 days. I call that money well spent.

    I really, really, really don't get the stuff going on on the ceilings upstairs. What is up with that? Did you frame in rafters or what?

    It all looks really nice and I can't believe the time all the painting must have taken.

    By Blogger Ry, at 1:08 PM  

  • Forgot to mention that we have a Trane system here in NC. It seems "fine" although the controller board went out on our furnace after living here for about 4 months (making the unit ~ 5 years old). It was not that much to get it replaced just a little trouble running around after waking up in a cold house. Gas logs came in very handy... The failure was much more likely a component than a real problem with the furnace/controller manufacturer, but I would not know for sure.

    By Blogger Ry, at 1:13 PM  

  • $1K?!?! That's really cheap for that much square footage - especially in Boston. I'm pretty much counting on paying out for the living room and dining room, but will do the front bedroom and hall myself. The economies of scale would not work in my favor to have someone do just that room, and I can't do everything at once b/c I'd have nowhere to put things. Besides, I've yet to see satisfactory work on anything I've paid someone else to do. If the bedroom works out without too much pain, I may attempt the rest of it myself. A little more stain and poly or shellac in my system won't hurt. I'm already polluted.

    Ry - What do you mean about the ceilings? The bathroom? Those are the collar ties. Since I vaulted the bathroom ceiling, they we're "prettied up" by being wrapped in drywall. Also, there are teeny-tiny little track lights mounted on top that you can't see to provide general illumination.

    It seems like most major hvac manufacturers use the same parts suppliers, so there's not much difference among the "top" brands. I'm going with Trane b/c apparently they have a better warranty. Plus, I've been saying "it's hard to stop a Trane" for like 3 years.

    Time required for painting?! Ha! You crack me up. Painting I'll do any day of the week.

    By Blogger SmilingJudy, at 11:10 PM  

  • Yea, it was the bathroom ceiling that really put me over the top. You sheetrocked 2x4's? Wow. Well it does look pretty cool especially with the lights on top.

    You like to paint that much... so when are you coming to NC again? I want to be sure I have several gallons ready for you.

    By Blogger Ry, at 9:14 PM  

  • They're 2x6s, with a 2x2 sistered along the top and bottom, so it looks like a 4x6. That also provided a channel to run wiring.

    I greatly prefer painting over insulating, wiring, furring out rafters to make space for more insulation, sanding of any sort, etc. etc.

    By Blogger SmilingJudy, at 10:19 PM  

  • Just a quick comment on floor refinishing. Nowadays most floor refinishers use water-based finishes which are not toxic like the old stuff- that polyurethane etc... was dangerous- although probably stronger and longer-lasting.

    It's a beast of a job and it is messy, I won't deny that- but I got a quote of $4500 or so for 1200 square feet of floor space- quite high.

    Good luck!

    By Blogger Jocelyn, at 5:03 PM  

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