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Thursday, May 18, 2006

bathroom progress

The bathroom is progressing along slowly. I'm having guests the first weekend in June, so I've got a deadline to work towards. I usually do well with deadlines.

All ripped out. The old wall-hung sink support clearly indicates this sink was tested.

Behind the wall were hundreds of razor blades. At least, I think that's what they are....left over from back in the day when medicine cabinets had a little slot in the bottom for you to drop your used blades. Where did they think they went?!

When I first saw it, I thought the wood had just rotted away into shreds. I had to get closer and take off my dusty goggles to see what was really going on.


Old plumbing. The plumber said the "dirty arm" going from the lav to the main stack practically fell apart when he went to remove it.

The dust storm from removing this stuff was horrendous. I even broke down and put on a mask. I never wear a mask. Yes, I'm that stupid.

Typical in-wall open splice. This hadn't been live in years.

I mentioned before that I thought the top of the glass block window was originally a slider. This chain indicates that it was a tilt-out hopper instead.

Ahh...my nemesis.

Fixed and boarded-up, awaiting new window. I don't have a good pic as proof of the repaired studs. Trust me. It ain't going nowhere.

New copper, thanks to friendly plumber guy

All new tub/shower lines

The shower riser was leaking ever so slightly. One or two drips in 24 hours, but we all know what that adds up to over time. I fixed it myself instead of calling the plumber back. With the exception of the glob I dripped up at the top, I don't think my joints look any worse than the plumber's.

Ready for drywall....drywall boxes replaced with hard shell boxes and all wires secured; insulated for sound; plastic-ed and taped for vapor.

Ta-da! (Yes, the new shower arm is super-high to accomodate my ultra-tall brother.)

With new window. Which I had to re-frame TWICE because the 'people' called the Monday after I framed it the first time to tell me they couldn't order a unit as short as I had specified, even though they were able to enter it into the ordering system two weeks prior. grrrrrr.

And now with a coat of color.

Trying some tile layout options

With editorial from Meda

I will admit now (if you haven't figured it out already) that this bathroom is totally stolen from houseinprogress and Brickman House. Why risk making your own mistakes when you can copy the successes of others. ;) Stay tuned for more plagiarism....


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