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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cleaning up pays


After nearly four years in the house, I was able to _finally_ unpack most of the boxes in the basement. Over the past few weeks I've organized every one of my possessions, which means I've touched every single item approximately 2.47 times. Anyway, just last night, while organizing some photos, I came across some cash. And I don't mean $5 you forgot you left in an old purse. Oh, no. This was a LOT.

So, now I'm left with a quandry.

Let's say, hypothetically, you "find" several hundred dollars. Do you:

A - Buy yourself a new iPod because your old one is so near death that it doesn't even get you halfway through your daily workout.


B - Pay the bills -- namely the traffic ticket you just had to get "fixed" and the HELOC which is getting a little too close to the limit to allow for restful sleep.

What to do, what to do.....


  • It's clear -- the ipod. It's found money!

    I have been boasting to my lazy friends about my thrice-weekly workouts...I can't compare to daily workouts, though.

    By Anonymous Al, at 2:25 PM  

  • I've done some research on the new iPods and am saddened by the features they took away. :( Still on the fence.

    Thrice weekly is darn good considering you have a munchkin.

    By Blogger SmilingJudy, at 12:16 PM  

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