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Thursday, December 08, 2005

big snow and thanks

Thanks to House In Progress for the tip on honeycomb shades. I've always steered away from them for whatever reason, but HiP's post about it convinced me to give them a try.

The reasons I love them:
- They actually fit in my super-un-deep windows and they don't stick out too far. In some cases, I only had like 5/8" for an inside mount.
- They almost completely disappear when opened.
- In all stages of open-ness, they're very minimalist. These are the functional covers to keep from airing my bid-ness to the world. Pretty was not the goal, so I love that they don't have a lot of presence.
- I find them to be a better choice than blinds because I hate how blinds collect dust on the slats.
- They really do help block cold air. Contrary to mainstream beliefs, new windows leak cold air, too. A full week of highs below 20 degrees has proven that.
- Even when closed, the non-room-darkening versions provide a nice glow of light.

The reasons I don't love them: Expensive. But this is not unique to honeycomb shades. Somebody's making a lot of money on window coverings. That's why I usually make my own. Wait for a sale. I ended up getting Bali brand on sale through American because Bali was one of the few brands that offered a three-on-one headrail for my living room bay. Without the sale price, they can be found cheaper elsewhere.

All of the "finished" rooms (yes, I know I'm behind on finished room posts...) are now adorned in white honeycomb fabric, to be later adorned with "pretty" window ornamentation as time allows. I took a pic to post, but it's so unexciting I decided to skip it.

Instead, I will share a photo of the big snow. I think this is the most I've seen from one storm since moving to KC....about 8 inches here.

recycled-plastic birdie home


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