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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

pass pass pass pass pass

Yay! Electrical service has been replaced, inspected, and approved. The new/month-old HVAC was inspected and signed off also.

nice and neat


new fancy furnace

intake/exhaust pipes

yes, it's HUUUUUGE, but quiet

The electricians trampled some plants but I'll overlook it since the guys were outside working in a snowstorm and it's D.O.N.E. Clearly, the other three guys I tried didn't know what they were doing, and these guys did. I don't have a pic of the breaker box "before" because posting it would be a liability. :) That corner of the basement has been a tangled mass of spliced-in wiring the entire time (4+ years) I've lived here. The basement seems like twice as big now since you don't have to navigate the jungle.

sad, old meter

the last wall for siding! the holes demonstrate where the old meter was (just barely) attached. no, that piece of siding at the top didn't come loose as a result of the electrical work. it's been like that since day one.

like a work of art!

Oh, and the electrician witnessed Quin make another mouse-kill attempt. She was only given the opportunity to stun it. It was discovered lying on the floor with a wet leg while she watched from the stairs above, waiting for it to move. It was re-located to the compost pile. I'm sure it will be back to entertain her again soon.


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