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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

will it ever end?

After several years (I'm not kidding!) of trying to get my electrical service upgraded/moved so I can finish the siding, so I can get new gutters, so I can get a new garage door, so I can get the new furnace inspected, so I can .... (you get the idea), there is finally someone lined up to do the job tomorrow (after having to postpone today because of a promise he made to someone else), and this is the forecast:

Rain / Snow / Wind 44°/24°


And now blogger is down for network maintenance, so I don't even get to vent to the blogosphere. I used to think I was lucky. Maybe it was just a series of flukes.


OMG! They just showed up! I'm off to find wi-fi hotspots for working. Fingers-crossed!


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