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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

halfway there, thanks to the fairies

Yes, Ry, new wood had to go up. And it does indeed suck.

I was too busy/forgot to take actual progress pics, so you'll have to trust me. A couple of studs were replaced/sistered/dutchman-ed and a portion of the soleplate had to be replaced as well. The framing was rotted and very, very wet. Yet another argument against cover-it-all-up-style siding. It was evident from caulked holes in the steel siding that the electrical service had likely fallen off the house one or more times.

It was never really attached to the house, just the siding. This led to all kinds of opportunities for water to get behind the steel and be trapped there with nothing to do but eat the wood.

Anyway, framing fixed, new insulation in the open bays, new plywood, and new window on Saturday. Surprisingly, I didn't run out of daylight, but it started raining on me. I cleaned everything up, then it stopped raining. (sigh) At that point, I lacked the motivation to dig everything back out, so I just grabbed the tar paper and started papering. I'm all out of Tyvek and I'm not going to go spend 100 bucks on a roll for this one little wall. Paper probably does a better job anyway. I put up as much as I could without making my ladder bigger, and it looked like this Saturday evening/Sunday morning.

Greg's fairies had visited overnight and ripped some of the trim for me, so all I had to do before siding could start on Sunday was cut the cornerboards to length. (Seriously....I don't remember cutting the trim for the window at all, but all the pieces were there, in correct widths and lengths, and already primed.)

The corner boards were a bit of a pain, mainly because the housewrap/paper that wraps around the corners has had one side flapping in the breeze/rain/snow since the adjoining wall was put up. Many staples, coaxing, and curse words later.....Cornerboards...check. Window trim....check. Many tubes of caulk....check. Then the siding began and it now looks like this.

Just another few hours and it will all be installed. Yay! Wednesday is supposed to be nice, as is Saturday (nice meaning high above 40) so I'm trying to coordinate my holiday schedule with my helper's schedule to see when it can be finished.


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