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Friday, April 07, 2006


I am officially single again. (Okay, so it's actually been a few weeks, but I've been slow on the blogging.) Now, I'm not saying this to invite the blogosphere into my personal dramas. Rather, it is so you will understand why I have painted the office. Again. After less than a year of inhabitation.

As we all know, when you're doing anything non-solo, there are compromises involved. I made compromises on the Time Thief that I am still not happy with. Some of those would be too time-consuming or costly to change at this point (eg. the crappy new Evil Orange entry door; the master bathroom tile). Other things are easier to modify. The office paint color is just the ticket for spiritual cleansing.

The original color was picked solely by the ex, and not only is it not my thing, it was HORRIBLY bright. I never turned on the overhead light because that just made the intensity too much to take. It could be easily argued that the new color is more intense, but it was picked by me, so I'm happy with it.

(yes, it's messy. i work here...cut me a little slack, people.)

When working some late evenings last summer, this room took on a feel similar to a teenaged-bedroom. iTunes blaring and working away on some "homework", I felt refreshingly juvenile, in a good sorta way. (Don't we all still feel like we're 17 to some degree?) So, I thought I'd go with that theme....even so far as to put up a band poster. I'm lacking in "big" wall art and they were just in storage anyway, so it works out well. (I did the grown-up thing and got a super-cheap frame at World Market.)

I continued the "color block" thing that was going on by adding one more white wall (the ceiling) into the mix. That also helps the overhead light do its job since it is reflecting off of white instead of color.

(the fan was another compromise, but it works and I don't look at it much, so it's staying)

I was mid-paint when my Mom came to visit and she caught this lovely shot for comparison.

Welcome to the treehouse....my office.


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