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Monday, October 09, 2006

Guest Improving

Most of the work I did this weekend was not on my house...... A friend recently gave birth to twin boys. She and her family moved in to a new house two days(!!) before she went into the hospital. They used to live near me in the Village, but when they found they would be growing from 3 to 5 overnight, they knew they had to find a bigger place. She was crushed at the realization that, due to budget, they would have to buy a new-construction house.

She is learning to like it, but knew from day one that some painting would be in order. Every single wall and much of the trim is cream-colored. She lovingly refers to it as 'Johnson County Beige'. Johnson county is the McMansion capitol of the KC area.

I'm always looking for the opportunity for people to "ooooh" and "aaaaaahhh" over my ability to cut-in with zero blue tape. I like the ego boost. So, we knocked out one room this weekend and also selected a color for the nursery.

Blogger won't let me upload the photos. :( It was beige, now it's blue.

Speaking of blue....The Bluetones have returned(!!!!) and there is a new album out today in the UK! Pay big bucks for the import, or get it on iTunes. (Goddess bless Apple.) I randomly picked up an album of theirs in Galway during a driving trip of Ireland. If you ever go to Ireland, you MUST go to Galway. When I returned home, the disc played constantly for 6 months. I finally let other CDs in the changer play occasionally, but their disc did not leave my car for at least 2 years. TWO YEARS!! They craft fabulous brit-pop songs with lyrics that long to dance on your tongue.

An appropriate snippet from the new album:

In the shadow of these black suburban hills
Dreamt by architects who've given up their will
There's an emptiness that never can be filled


  • The question clear,
    The answer deep,
    Each particle,
    Each instant a reality.
    A bird call shrills
    Through the mountain dawn:
    Look where the old master sits,
    A rock in Zen.

    - Sodo (1841–1925)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:47 AM  

  • Cutting in without blue tape is a skill, but I think it's easier and looks better than if you rely on the tape. Twins- yikes!

    By Anonymous Trissa, at 10:28 AM  

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