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Friday, June 23, 2006

plant sale!

Larry's Nursery has started their annual close-out sale markdowns. I just happened to be over that way yesterday and drove by to check. I also just happened to have my checkbook, which I never have with me. (They don't take plastic.)

I got a full flat of various perennials in 4-inch pots for just over 30 bucks. Good deal if you ask me! My flat was filled mostly with ferns and other shade lovers for a full shade garden I plan on installing this fall. I will temporarily put those in some large tubs-o-dirt until the space is ready.

The others may or may not go in their "final" homes. (Plants in my garden rarely make one stop and stay there.) I may just plop them in the half-empty veggie bed until fall. It all depends on how much I want to procrastinate finishing the bathroom this weekend.

Markdowns continue until everything is gone, so I will probably go back for more in a few days. For the locals - Larry's Nursery is in the Walgreens parking lot across from the new Lowe's in Roeland Park.


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