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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Way to Shop!

As you may have noticed, Macy's recently decided to re-brand all of their stores under the Macy's name.....or maybe you haven't. As a Project Runway addict, I noticed. And as a What Not To Wear* brainwashee, I got excited about it.

Things are no different here in the Village.

The Jones Store up the street was re-branded over the past month. The workers stealthily hung large, white 'the jones store' banners over the new Macy's signs as they went up. But I knew what was under there. Because I'm so smart. Or maybe it was because they only covered the large signs on the sides of the building. The small doorside Macy's signs were there for all to see.

I've never understood this building's mix of beige stone and brick with the mosaic tile wall. I guess it's a mid-century thing.

Regardless, I think the new Macy's sign looks ultra cool against the tile.

I'm curious if the re-brand will trickle down to the inventory. I stopped in last week and it looks like it's still pretty much the same stuff. But imagine.....an endless supply of Frango mints just a short walk away!

* Yes, I would've linked to the BBC show, but it seems Trinny and Sus are gone. Boo-hoo!


  • The real "What Not to Wear" is gone?!? I've feared it b/c my TiVo has not recorded any new episodes in so long. Guess they're too busy being moms?

    By Anonymous Al, at 9:49 AM  

  • The website shows two new unknown hosts. I googled Trinny & Suse but found no new news. :(

    BBC has started playing shows called something like 'WN2W: Have they remembered?' where they check up on previous victims. TiVo isn't picking it up automatically though. I just noticed it last night, but TiVo had to record Project Runway instead.

    By Blogger SmilingJudy, at 11:39 AM  

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