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Thursday, April 19, 2007

stairway to heaven

Yeah, I'm sure that title has been used before. It's not really that heavenly up here anyway. Let's view it from the second floor and change the title to "stairway of the damned".

This post has been a long-time-coming. Mainly because the topical project has been taking SO LONG.....and it covers so little square footage. I won't say it's of low impact though. What is 'it'?

It's the stairs. Or, more precisely, the stair railing, balustrade, finish trim, and staining/painting of the steps themselves. I think I started it in late February/early March and still, I toil daily. Late last week (when I started this post) I thought I might be finished by the end of April. Not gonna happen. Maybe by the first weekend in May.

A search for ideas led me to this pic. I loved it immediately. It's pretty much in line with the ideas I already had, but seeing it in "real life" helped solidify my direction.

Someday I will learn that these high-contrast looks I'm always drawn to aren't good for my psyche, but whatever....

Here's is what caused visitors to fear a plunge to their death:

This shot is several years old, but it gives you an idea of the fear. Yes, I'm aware they're not current code-compliant. My advice along those lines fell on deaf ears. Besides, it's way better than what was there before.

Meda is also fearful of the edge

The stairs were mostly constructed by the ex. He should be awfully glad he didn't have to finish them. First, note the slope change and obvious change in direction of the stairs. Getting the handrail to match was a real head-scratcher. I was bummed that those parts showed up first. I was hoping to put that off until last because I was dreading it so much. It turns out that may have been the easiest bit.

The paper taped to the wall is a picture of the plumbing which services the bath on the other side. I kinda wanted to make sure I didn't screw any rail brackets through any pipes. It's a good thing.

I have no idea why this floor was sooo "sealed" up. Lots of interesting jigsawing and chiseling involved so I could mortise and bolt the newels into the framing.

Yes, I cleaned and patched it all up. I was anxious to get my newels stabilized!

Luckily, I realized just in time that I should probably install the new lights before I put in the railing so I could get to them without a dramatic balancing act.


(just turn your head...you're lucky to be getting any pics)

Note to self: You are very messy with stain. Take precautions.

That's all I have on the camera for now. I'll save the rest for the big reveal. It's not far from the dreamy pic. At least the view from the office to the hall keeps getting better. It's a nice change after so many years.

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  • Hey, your stairs look just like our stairs, all windy and hard to get furniture up! I LOVE the newel posts on that pic you posted - might have to steal that for inspiration for our house!!!

    By Anonymous mindy, at 2:45 PM  

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