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Thursday, December 06, 2007

xmas decor

Since it's snowing out, thought I'd post this year's xmas decorations. I hope to start ripping up more things around here soon, so no tree this year.

The topiaries are rosemary plants. mmmmmmm......

Went nuts with the chandy, but it's OK....it's too small anyway and this makes it seem bigger. Maybe I'll leave it up all year long. Okay, okay, I'll stick to my plan of using this somewhere else and replacing it with as-yet-to-be-determined-something.

Yep, that's it. Oh, except for the empty wreath holder hanging on the front door. Haven't even had time to put up any lights outside.

While we're here in the dining room looking at the chandy, would you like to see the new craigslist table? (mom?) Thought so. I had been hunting for something like this table here.

This is a CL table also, but I just found it listed last night. :( Isn't it pretty? I'd mix up the chairs, but the table (wa)is spot on. Sortof. Although I love the looks, a harvest-style table wouldn't really work very well in the space.

I had started to admit that to myself when I saw the posting for my table on CL. I had never seen anything like it in my search, it was the PERFECT size, and I liked the lines overall, so I snagged it.

The man who was selling it (as part of his mother's estate) was very sweet and teared up when he delivered the half that wouldn't fit in my car.

When I bought it, I assumed I would paint some of it...maybe the chairs or just the table legs or both or ??? Only time will tell. I liked the vertical lines on the chairs, but when they're all there together, it's a bit much. I might sew some "shrugs" for the side chairs. There are two others and two leaves stored away.

Please ignore the clutter.....and the attack kitty.....and the fact that I need to re-cover the seats....and that I still need a rug....

Chair removed so you can see the lines of the table legs. It's kind of a shame that this is hidden away most of the time. Maybe a chair-less dining room? Just drag them out as needed? :)

It's much more mid-century that I usually shoot for, but it seems destined for the space. As Tim G says we'll just have to "make it work". It definitely invalidates the chandy, so yet another reason that has got to go.


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