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Monday, August 08, 2005

guest room: check

For the watchers out there, the guest room is "completed". (Alli - I put the rug there for your benefit. :)

Okay, well, except for the closet doors. And the door itself. When I get to the hallway, I will do all the doors, assembly-line style.

And another shot simply because I love these dang daisies I get at Whole Foods.

All of the living room furniture has been temporarily moved into the guest room while transformation happens in there. The couch had to go in through the window. Not fun. One caladium was smooshed in the process. The cats are totally confused and upset about lack of carpet-lounging. And this (though blurry) is the most awesome vacuum ever. It has an attachment with a comb on it that totally attacks cat hair like nothing else.

I inherited it via my step-dad (I think) and once gave it back because I was going to be cool and get a fancy schmancy new vacuum. I begged to have this thing back and will never give it up.


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