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Friday, January 11, 2008

remember when things were green?

I was sooo seriously busy with work and the house the last half of 2007, there's no way a post was going to happen. I didn't even have time to keep up on reading blogs, let alone maintain one. At one point, I was about 40 pages behind on the houseblogs blogroll. Ouch. Since I am an obsessive, type-A, completest (redundant much?) I worked my way through most of them over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Anyway, I want credit for my accomplishments. In addition to the major house project I made headway on (details to come), I also renovated my traffic island.

The public works crews already sucked up one of the shrubs when they were doing leaf clean-up. I'll definitely be out there again in the spring to re-plant. Hope I can remember the plant variety!

Yeah, it looks pretty pathetic and tiny now, but I expect great things in three years.

Also took time to go on a few garden tours. This place was really nice. There was a covered patio area at the bottom of this waterfall with much too comfy seats. I lingered for far too long enjoying this view.


  • The garden tours look nice. :)

    Don't mind my ignonrance, since our local councils and the state government look after our roads and other things - but do people in where you live actually take care of the greenery for the traffic islands and roundabouts?

    Do you get delegated this task or do you volunteer to do it?

    By Anonymous Angie, at 8:47 PM  

  • Wow, sorry for the delay in responding, Angie.

    We volunteer to take care of the traffic islands in the neighborhood. As of about two years ago, we are 100% volunteer labor.

    Prior to that, the Public Works crews would take care of those without "owners". They do a crap job and don't put the effort into making them pretty like the homeowners do. They still do some jobs (like leaf clean-up) if they feel like it.

    We are reimbursed for materials and can ask for labor assistance from Public Works if we need it. More than anything, it's just a way to build community pride and friendships among the volunteers and appreciative neighbors.

    By Blogger SmilingJudy, at 4:08 PM  

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