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Friday, March 07, 2008

nature room, the next

The web-nazis where my brother works block flickr, so I'll have to go back to blogger-hosted images (sigh). (They block flickr, but not blogger??? Who does that??!) Anyway.....

Window holes cut and ready to go. Note the meticulous scalpel cuts. Yeah, that wasn't me.

Windows in! Are the screens in or not? I can't tell. I got the "tru-scene" screens and lemme tell ya - worth every penny. They really do disappear if you're more than two feet away from the window.

Small problem with the windows. They kinda forgot to put on the extension jambs.

Yes, that's Pella tape on an Andersen window. Deal with it.

To the outside, how about if we try flashing this time? Maybe it won't rot away as quickly.

Some trim work in place. Takes me a looooooong time to do trim.

In order to finish the trim, I had to get new drip edge. (The old stuff got pretty beat up in the demo.) I had previously installed this fancy vented drip edge to provide roof ventilation for houses with no overhang. Called the ex to find out where he got the stuff. I hoofed it over to the roofing supplier but they had none in my color. :( I got some of the closest color (and handily fit the 9-ft long pieces in my car thankyouverymuch) and some spray paint.

Not bad, eh? It is going to be on the roof, mostly covered by shingles.

I was looking at these pics the other day and realized I had nothing more "finished" of the outside, so I popped out and took a couple as it is now.

If I had it to do over, I would lower the windows by just a smidge. I was concerned about them being too low (glazing within 18" of a finished floor must be tempered) so I erred on the side of safety.

I'm planning on another rain barrel with some hose extensions and evergreens to "hide" the utility area. Oh, and cleaning up the mess, too.

Back inside, I had to rebuild the floor. (Remember, this used to be a porch.) I decided it might be fun to try making it line up with the existing floor and, for giggles, how 'bout we make it LEVEL? Crazy, I know. The door in the old room never opened up all the way because it was swinging "uphill". So I built a little platform with angled joists and insulated like so:

Foam, pink, fiberglass. Not at all green, but this is Kansas. Do you have ANY idea how difficult it can be?

Electrical? check

Insulation? check

Rebuild the ceiling? check (trust me; you'll see it later because if it turns out in the end, I will be dern proud)

And this is pretty much what it looks like now

Except a lot more crowded since half the kitchen is also in there now. It will get drywall at the same time as the kitchen.


  • Wow! It looks great. I like the partial furnishing in there. The lamp & table make it look so homey even though there's no drywall. :)

    By Anonymous Al, at 11:21 AM  

  • I get that from J. His house is completely gutted, but he still has homey little environments set up. Pictures hung on the walls and everything. It is so odd.


    It's because of the warm, pleasing tone of the kraft paper. They should totally sell a paint color in that tone and call it that. "kraft paper" by Sherwin Williams. Seriously.

    By Blogger SmilingJudy, at 12:07 AM  

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