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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

kitchen of yesteryear

Please, don't be afraid. Come on in and I'll show you around the kitchen.

I dug this photo out of the archives. It's REALLY old, but it's the closest to a true before without digging up paper photos and scanning them. Items of note: door on the right leads to the basement, making a total of 4 doors in this less than 8x14 kitchen. The dining room is on the other side of the wall you're looking at. Every time I would visit open houses in the neighborhood, they were opened up and I loved them so much more. I was ready to sell my junk house and move in. Bet you can guess where this is going to go....

But wait! What are those tools there? Oh, those are there to replace the cast iron plumbing pipe in the wall.

That's right...when we (the ex and I) were redoing the upstairs bath, he re-plumbed for the bathroom, but put the pipes in the EXACT same place. When I suggested, "you know what we should do....", my comment was met with a resounding NO. What the plumber says goes, so new pipes, but new pipes still in my way.

Door on the right leads to the dining room; door on the left leads to the recently re-built nature room.

Look! There's a bunch of vents there, too. The one on the right I even helped install to provide the bathroom above with lovely fresh air. Oh, Look! The door to the basement is gone! Someone must've moved that.

Here is the view out the kitchen window. The dividing rail falls right at my line of sight. Annoyed the freakin' hell outta me! Stoop or tip-toes, stoop or tip-toes. Argh! Yes, that's snow on the ground. I started the kitchen demo in January. You got a problem with that?

Here's that sink wall in all it's yellow Laminate glory.

Here I was in the midst of a last-minute pot of soup before I ripped everything out. Note that I get a tiny kitchen and I don't even get the corner! The wall there is for a closet in the bedroom next door.

Oh, you like my filthy stove? Want to see a head-on shot?

You want a cooking light like mine, don't you? I have three in the basement you can have.

Continuing around the room, here is where the fridge had stood. Clearly, I was really ready to demo.

And here we are, full circle back to where we started.

In case you missed it, we have my favorite ceiling coating in here, too.

And a final word. Heed my warning yee all. Do NOT put carpet in a kitchen or it will look like this under your fridge.


  • Carpet?!?! In a kitchen?!?! That is a new one. I've heard of people putting carpet in bathrooms, but never in a kitchen.

    By Blogger Greg, at 9:05 PM  

  • Sadly, it is not my first. I lived in a college-town rental for two years with a carpeted kitchen. Somehow they think it's okay if it's that super low-pile outdoor-ish stuff.

    By Blogger SmilingJudy, at 7:45 AM  

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