Time Thief

Monday, July 17, 2006

i hate plumbing i hate plumbing i hate plumbing

Really, I do. At least I no longer fear it. But I hate it more than ever. I can't bear to describe the details. Instead, I bring you pictures of destruction.

Below are shots of a mall in a neighboring city. I have to drive through said city to get to Lowe's for, you know, more plumbing crap. It's a nice little township with a semi-quaint downtown strip full of thrift stores and antique shops. The strip is also home to the best plumbing supply house in the state, but sadly, they aren't always open when I need them. They're also a little intimidating at times because I'm a girl and they don't deal with many of us.

This run-down mall is the punctuation mark on the end of the downtown strip. When it was new, I'm sure it was an exclamation point. Recently, it's become a big, sad question mark. It was constructed some time in the 1980's. (Who says the US is a disposable society? It lasted a good 20 years! (note sarcasm))

It's being torn down now to make way for one of those multipurpose "destination" places with shops, restaurants, condos, etc. that are all the rage these days. I'm sure that trend will last at least 30 years. I gotta give the residents some credit though....they fought Wal-Mart who wanted to put a SuperCenter in the space. There's already one a mile up the road, right next to Lowe's. Are they crazy?

Anyway, I was over that way last week driving by a side of the mall I don't usually drive by. I've been surveying the demo for the past few weeks, but I was so blown away by this image, I brought my camera on the next trip to Lowe's and took a detour for some photos. Enough blabbering -- on to the pics.

This is the one that really got me. It looks like the mall is puking debris. You gotta click it for the large view.

I didn't notice until I was reviewing the shots -- there's a smashed car there in the foreground! There used to be a two-level garage in that area, hence the "floating" doors.

Another to show a little bit of scale.

It's just sad, really. I hope, hope, hope at least some of that is being recycled. Doubtful.