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Monday, April 21, 2008

pot me up

I've been having "decision issues" on the silliest thing....pots for the front stoop. Anybody wanna help me out?

Hmmmm....I don't seem to have a recent pic of the front of the house.

Oh! I know!

Lookee, Google street view to the rescue! You can't really see it here, but there is an "open iron" basket that's been sitting out there for a while. While I do love it, it doesn't have to stay there. I think something casual (eg. a grouping of odd-numbered items) would be best. And it should have a cottagey-feel without being too cutesy. (That touch of modern I'm eternally searching for...)

I found some bluish-grey stripey pots at a garden center this weekend, but just wasn't sure. Maybe they would look something like this:

Hmmm....not as blue as that though. They were more subdued in tone.

I've had hankering for some zinc. Might look something like this:

It's been tough to find zinc in this country though. Hey, here are some faux zinc at Target. What about these? I'm not wild about the shape...quite a bit modern, cottagey not so much....but they are different. Hmmm...I just noticed the sizes. A bit small I fear.

I nearly bought some terra-cotta pots with applied "zinc" diamonds this weekend. I do like the cottagey idea of terra cotta, but the brick I veneered to the stoop is very close to terra cotta in color.

Ho hum. Hem haw. Anyone? I do believe the kitchen-remodel-process has broken my decision-making abilities.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I won! I won!

All because I pledged my love for my Milwaukee Heavy Duty Right Angle Drill (shown here in its usual accompanying pile of dust)

(The ex found this at a pawn shop. It is awesomeness. )

....and because the random number gods blessed me, look what I won!

You can read backwards, can't you? Thanks, DIYDiva!

Since I'm here, here's the scoop on the nature room. I loaded some boards into the truCk:

Drove home very slowly.

(sorry, no picture of that)

And I've started putting them on the ceiling:

They will eventually be painted white. Skinnier would've been better, but these were cheap and it's good 'nuff. (Must fix that insulation in the center.)

Next time, kitchen stuff. Promise.

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