Time Thief

Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Dishwasher Detergent

For a few years now, I've been trying out "green" cleaning products as I use up the old stuff. Overall, I've been very pleased. It's nice not getting a headache after cleaning. (Duh...I never made the connection until after I'd switched.)

I use several things from Method. Yes, their products are all about marketing and I could probably make similar solutions in my kitchen, but I've been pretty happy with their products and I like the nifty smells. The one area that hasn't been so lucky is dishwashing detergent. I couldn't even finish the bottle of Seventh Generation liquid dish detergent. It now lives in the bathroom to be used when I flush the whirlpool tub (not often).

I happened to be at Whole Paycheck a few weeks back and found myself in the cleaning products aisle. I took a gander to see if they had anything different and decided to try ECOVER. I am so impressed! It seems to work even BETTER than good-ole Cascade and they have some pretty ingenious packaging. Yes, it costs more, but I'm just trying to do my part.

Maybe I'll try out their laundry detergent next. I'm still a Tide girl, having had bad luck finding an alternative that can get out stains in a cold water wash. Or maybe I should just get a supply of bibs so I stop spilling food on myself.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

i heart craigslist

I've always been a casual craigslist user, mainly when I needed to get rid of something I bought for the house that didn't work out. Now, I am totally addicted. Did you know they have a 'materials' category now? I think that's new. I spend no less than 30 minutes a day on there now.

Anyway........ last week, I got rid of some old storm windows, storm door and a 'Madison'-style exterior door. I also found a dining set I thought I needed to have. So I sold my "old" one (yes, the one I bought less than two years ago) on craigslist to some very cool people. I have some other construction projects going on around here (that I need to update you all on) that will significantly change the "feel" of the dining room and the old set just isn't going to jive with the new direction. I'm still on the fence about the dining table I found. It has a broken foot and a not-so-great paint job. I'm thinking I'll pass on it. So, there's just lots of extra space in the dining room now which will be helpful for the time being.

But, today, I found a conference table for the office-I-never-work-in AND scored these super cool chairs

They're almost as gorgeous in person. I have a thing for diamonds, stars, and Xs so I HAD to have them. As you can probably tell from this seller's pic, the place was full of stuff for sale. I looked around while he helped another craigslister load a beautiful crib into his car. Browsing around, I found a good-as-new (!!!) Ballard Designs (drool) wall organizer. "How much?" "Eh, 10 bucks." Yeeeeeee!!

I just looked it up. It's this one: wall pocket. Yes, the $70 one. My first (and probably only) BD item! I'm not even sure where it's going, but I don't care!

I interrupted my final tasks on the stairs to post this (love to procrastinate those last steps -- no pun intended!), so I should have the stair wrap-up posted soon.